Fishing & Kamchatka


I am no fly fishing expert, with a fly rod in hand I am far more of a danger to fishing companions and nearby inanimate objects than I am to any fish. I have visions of doing an impromptu ear piercing to a companion or maybe even myself with a royal wolf or a hairy mary or maybe it will be a nose piercing with a wooly bugger.  It may not happen this trip to Kamchatka but it will happen.

This said I love fishing and have fished all my life, but generally I have only managed go a few times a year.  I have lived and therefore fished on four continents, I am still missing Africa, South America and Antarctica, somehow I don’t think I will live, work and fish in Antarctica, but who knows!!!! I have tended to fish by the chosen local method this means that I am not an expert in any particular method but have a broad understanding of fishing generally.

Why Kamchatka

BECAUSE!!! Because its there, because it is remote, because there are lots of big fish, because I live in Seoul and will never be closer, because of Vodka (which I don’t particularly like), because if I am going to do something silly it has to be really silly, because Oh did I mention Vodka.


There has been plenty written about Kamchatka some good resources are  Travel Kamchatka  Explore Kamchatka as well as the usual suspects such as Wikipedia, Lonely planet and trip advisor.  Reading about Kamchatka fired my imagination and I have been wanting to do a wilderness trip and catch big fish.


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