Photos for Pete

Pete M has made a request for photos of food and wine, I have grabbed some that have stories.

Christmas 2014, Old Port


One of the oldest bottles of wine I have ever drunk, it was not the best port I have drunk, it was light red with a yellow tinge and had many complex flavours some nice and some not so nice.  I rescued this bottle from my fathers cellar while he was on his death bed, up on hearing I was drinking all his special wine he made sudden and miraculous recovery and is still kicking on.


July 2015, Lunch in the high country.


The Pyrenees near Cauterets while fishing. We had hiked in for an hour to a river in a high country meadow and fished there for three, them my guide produced this out of his backpack, it may not look the best food in the world but it was perfect for the day, thank you Mariano (we had finished the pate by the time I got round to taking a photo).



Lunch For One, Cervinia, Italy Christmas 15.



I had my arm in a sling, note to self; a tubby traveler should not be attempting to learn to snowboard with his 9 YO son!!!!

While the family was skiing to Zermatt for lunch I hiked up the trail out of the Village towards the Matterhorn and came across this restaurant at lunch time, Special for one, bread, salami, pasta and 1/2 liter of wine, spot on!!!


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