A flying visit to the UK

My first post from a smart phone! !!

There is nothing that I like about large airports and long haul flights, they are just painful. The only redeeming thing is getting there.

It is sollal (the lunar new year ) in Korea so for a couple of days leave I could get a week off, so I have taken the opportunity to visit my father in North Yorkshire. I also get the added bonus of being able to get some of the kit I need for my trip to Kamchatka.

Outward bound trip. I left the house at 700 am for the 3 block walk to the Gangnam bus station. During the walk I weaved through the stragglers leaving the night and those who were still eating at the street stalls. I will do a post on street food at some stage.

Gangnam at dawn

I caught the express bus to incheon airport which took 50min, the airport was packed it took over an hour to check-in and get through security.  The 12 hour flight and drive to Essex to my cousins house was uneventful.

As usual the evening was fabulous , we laughed all evening, the conversation was far too rude and un politically correct to even mention. The food however was unbelievably good (as I have come to expect ) the meal was an example of what great British home cooking is.  The main was steak and kidney pudding, crunchy puff pastry top with a rich sauce with the steak and kidney.  This was accompanied with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots and parsnips. Desert was trifle with sherry custard.

Meals like this are why I travel. 

On to yorkshire today.


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