Waders, accessories but no Flies

It is debatable which is the single most important piece of equipment that I will be taking to Kamchatka, while the rods, reel and flys are cool toys, the clothing that keeps me comfortable if far more important. Of all the clothing the piece that will be worn the most will be my waders, spending 2 weeks wearing ill fitting, damp and smelly waders is the stuff nightmares are made of, so I will start with the waders then go on to other bits and pieces.

I currently own a cheap set of Diawa boot waders which have served me well but they are not breathable and I have to be very careful about how I put my socks on as it only takes a matter of minutes to rub my ankles raw if the socks are not done correctly.  Because of the pain I put myself through during my trip to the Pyrenees I have convinced myself a new set of good stocking foot waders are a necessity for the trip.  Unlike most tackle I was not prepared to by the waders on the internet, I needed to be convinced that they fitted me correctly and the matching boots fitted properly and were comfortable (I find buying cloths on the internet difficult, for starters in Australia I am a L and in Korea I am a 2XL and the US sometimes a M ).  So during my visit to John Norris in Perth I tried on every set heavy duty of stocking foot waders that they stocked, The two best filling were the Simms G4 Pro £699 (of course the most expensive ones in the shop) and Vision Ikon at £199 these were every bit as comfortable as the Simms so at les than half the price it was them. The waders came with a set of Vision hopper boots with felt soles, which are the recommended soles for wading in Kamchatka.


Jacket, I have several nice waterproof jackets however none of them are totally suited to fishing, there was a wide choice varying form about  £50 to £500 jackets, I chose the  Airflow 3/4 jacket at £99.99. It fitted me well and had al the functioality that I require and not the Simms price tag.

Air Flow Jacket
Airflow 3/4 Jacket – not a fashion item

Bits and Pieces

Nail Knot tool, £11.99 John Norris, as small but invaluable tool to help a person with not so nimble fingers tying a nail knot to attached backing to a fly line or a mono filament leader to braid.  I spent a couple of hours practicing with my son and we can now tie a reasonable nail knot.

Knot Tool

Floatant & Sinkant John Norris £5.99 each, Gink and Kink absolutely nothing remarkable about either, I have used Gink before, Kink is the same brand and they are reasonably priced.


Tippet (and leader if necessary) Maxima 10lb, 12lb and 15lb, John Norris £2.99, each, I just bought clear nylon tippet material as according to the advice on various websites the fish in Kamchatka are not leader shy so fluorocarbon is not necessary.  Fluorocarbon Vs Nylon; Fluorocarbon is thinner for the same strength, has higher abrasion resistance, less stretch and is stiffer, this stiffness means that fluorocarbon has lower knot strength. I am just summarising several articles that I have read and what I have been told in fishing stores, I have done nothing to verify the accuracy of this information.


Glue, to fix any holes in my waders, the waders were supplied with a couple of patches so I didn’t need to purchgase those.


Head net and DEET from Millets, protection from the nasty Midges and other such critters

Bug Spray

Flint (Millets) and spare bootlaces (John Norris), because I would like to be a boy Scout.


Camp pillow (Mountain Warehouse) and Travel towel (Millets), essential for a comfortable trip, They are a fraction the weight and volume of conventional Pillows and towels.

Pillow & towel

Gloves John Norris £24.99 to keep my fingers warm,






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