Finger Food

Ok unless you are a keen fisher I have been posting rather booring stuff of late, so for a total cange of topic

Korean Nibbles

One of the great things about traveling and living in new places is discovering new things. I have been living in Seoul for almost three years and I am still finding new and wondrous things, I discovered these little beauties at our local Mini Emart (mini supermarket) in the beef jerky section.


I just had to try them, I had all sorts of questions going through my mind like, “is it really beef and Cheese or has there been a translation mistake?” “what will it taste/look like” so I bought a packet along with all the other staples I had been sent to get.

When I got home it was happily Gin and Tonic o’clock, and I have concluded that a good G&T is the best thing to have to hand when trying new food in Korea. If the food is on the positive end of the scale it is a nice accompaniment however if the food commits sensory assault you can quickly gargle some of your G&T and it removes most of the offending tastes and odours, it was a saviour when I tried eating steamed silkworm lava!!!!

So… the G&T was a nice accompaniment, the individual pieces were about 1x3cm and tasted of Cheese and Beef Jerky however they had a very definite processed/plastic taste. I rate them 2.5 stars out of 5. edible, not offensive but would not bother buying them again.

Birthday Nibbles (and Bubbles)

As I have alluded to in a previous post my wife has a broken leg, it happened as I would expect while I was traveling, she was walking home, just outside our apartment complex stepped off the curb and bang a clean break of the fibula just above the ankle. Korea makes very few allowances for disabled people, this has meant that she has been for eight weeks and is getting rather sick of it and also no BIRTHDAY PARTY. To help her through this awful occurence I spent a week or so gathering some of her favourite food.

On her Birthday we fed the children early and banished them to their bedrooms and settled down for some great nibbles and bubbles.

The food consisted of baguette, Trout eggs, Cream Cheese, Tomato tapenade in truffle oil, Serrano ham, Palma Ham, Salmon Moose, and Manchego cheese. This was all washed down with a bottle of 2006 Dom Perignon. It put a smile on her face.

The winning food was Baguette, cream cheese and the Trout eggs. The looser was the Tomato tapenade in truffle oil, however it came to life a bit on bread with the Manchego cheese and either of the hams. We had a blind tasting of the hams, the Serrano was defiantly the best, it was less salty, sweeter, softer but the ham flavour was as strong or stronger than the Palma ham, both were very good.

It was just Yum Yum Yum!!!


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