To GoPro or not to GoPro

I have always been impressed by the footage that gets uploaded on U-Tube that has been taken on action cams like the GoPro.  I have the feeling that one of these devices will be the best way to record my trip to Kamchatka. I also need to have it early enough to play with it to ensure that I get some good footage and know how to edit and upload it. Luckily for me an electronics mart has just opened under the building that I work, this has given me plenty of opportunities to browse.  However I got no useful advice, it seems that the combined English of the store assistance is less than my Korean (this is unusual and my Korean is minimal).  Prior to looking into these cameras I thought that there were only GoPro’s and some of the Sony style cams, there are hundreds of styles and brands,  rather too many to make an easy choice,

Between the browsing, reading the internet and observing the use of these cameras I have concluded that the GoPro  style is the most popular and that I should go that way. On further investigation it turns out that there are three box style cameras that all look identical, there is the Go Pro, the western market leader which also, the Isaw which is Korean and fits all the Go pro accessories, and  finally  the Yi which is Chinese and looks the same but all its fittings are  non-compatible with the GoPro.  In terms of performance the upper end of the Go pros have more features and are higher spec , the Isaw Edge (top model) was only just behind the Go pro 4 Silver but was about ½ the price, the Yi was similar in Spec to the bottom of the line GoPro but it did not have all the accessories and was a bit clunky to use.

Isaw Edge
Isaw Edge

There were 5 models of GoPro available, ranging from ₩199,000 to ₩590,000, 3 models of Isaw from₩ 109,000 to ₩199,000 and finally the two models of the Yi from ₩139,000 to ₩175,000

So the options were much the same as cars, a Ford, a Hyundai or a Cherry, I am fine with a Hyundai as a first car so it was the Isaw that I bought.

I have used it a couple of times now and it seems easy enough to use and the video is clear and not jerky. I have also discovered that it makes an excellent dash cam, I must delete the 15 or so hours of road I have recorded to date!!!

This is probably my last post prior to leaving for Kamchatka, while traveling I will have limited ability to be on-line, I shall try to upload photos and videos as I go.




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