Day 2, Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk

Sunday July 24

Vladivostok – Petropavlovsk 07:10 VVO
Vladivostok 12:25 Petropavlovsk Kam (PKC) Flight SU-5614 ‪SAT Airlines‬
Today 2211 km, Total 3091 km

Departures Vladisvostock Airport (VVO)

A 7:10 AM departure meant that it was a very early start, once again the flight was uneventful. PetropavlovskKamchatski is a stunning place, at this time of year everything is green and it is surrounded by tall snow-capped volcanoes. My photos don’t do it justice.


View of part of the mointain range from Marthas Guest house


The domestic arrivals at the PetropavlovskKamchatski Airport was a cross between a green house and nissan hut. It was crowded because the flight from Moscow had arrived just before us and it was sweltering hot, this would have been good in th winter. Our bags arrived in due course and to my surprise as I exited arrivals there was a guard checking the baggage stubs against the bags. I believe that this is a good thing to do as you can’t leave with anyone elses bags (and vice versa).

I was met at the gate by a representative Anatole who runs Kamchatka Trophy Hunts and is the local representative of The Flyshop and taken to Martha’s guest house. Martha runs Explore Kamchatka and is a wonderful host. She provided delicious simple meals made of fresh ingredients many of which came from her garden.

I can’t read Russian but I think they have a vodka of the month

I spent the afternoon organising the activities for the next day and picking up some supplies. I don’t usually drink vodka but when in Russia…. I had a plan to buy some vodka as, vodka and beer are available in camp but are considerably more expensive than at the local shop and there are no security restrictions on liquids on the helicopter to the camp. Actually there is no security at the heliport we left from, more on that later.

The view from Matha’s back deck was stunning, the day I arrived was blue and clear and I could easily see the mountain range to the north of PetropavlovskKamchatski. This range consists of active and dormant volcanos, to my surprise I could see the steam venting from the volcano with my naked eye. This was one on many firsts for me on the trip as I had never seen an active volcano before.


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