Day 3, Petropavlovsk

Monday July 25


Martha’s Guesthouse

Today 157 km, Total 3248 km

Today was my day to explore the local area round PetropavloskiKamchatksi (PK), Martha had spoken to some of the local tour companies and had found  a boat tour to an area south of PK, the weather forecasts was good so I got Martha to book it for me. The tour was for 12 hours leaving at 9:00am and returning at 9:00 pm, I paid cash and didn’t wight down the cost, but it was arround 8,000 rubles ($120 USD) so it was not y any means expensive boat excursion.

Typical buildings near Meeting point in PK

Martha organised me a taxi to the Meeting point (1,400 Rubles for a 45 min trip),  where I met the tour operator and proceeded the last couple of hundred meters to the Dock. From there we ware taken to the boat that was a Cruiser about 45 foot long, of a make I had never heard, its layout and feel was similar to any number of western makes of that size.

Making our way to the Boat

There was no one else on the boat who spoke English, this did not worry me as the crew and other guests were helpful and friendly. On a side note the Russian sailors knew what Port  and Starboard ment.

The basic program for the trip was to motor to a point of interest, stop have a look, go for a dingy ride, then motor to the next spot and so on. We were fed and watered at regular intervals. The highlight of the food was a bucket of fresh Kamchatka Crab that the crew prepared and cooked. We ate them with our fingers and they were rather messy, but very yummy.

Kamchatka crab ready for eating


During the trip we got to see Basalt pillars that were home to the nests of thousands of sea birds including Puffins and Sea Eagles, a colony of seals, do some fishing and see a couple of ship wrecks.

On the subject of fishing I caught my first fish of the trip, it was a rather inauspicious start, a 0.5 lb flounder, 🙂 I was so underwhelmed by the whole thing I forgot to photograph it or record any of the fish on the trip, doesn’t matter though I wasn’t there for sea fishing and it was just a little bonus.

Seals basking in the sun


The trip home was the first real hiccup of the trip, the cab who was meant to pick me up was not there, and my phone had less than 10% battery left, I hurriedly rang Martha. Between her and the people from the boat they managed to find another taxi that would take me the 45 min back to Martha’s guest house in Yelizovo.  This was my first experience of “Don’t worry this is Russia,  we have a new plan” This was a recurring theme of the trip, it only added to the adventure.



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