Day 6, Sedanka Upper Camp to Middle Camp

Thursdays July 28

Today 12 km river km, Total 3701 km

Today was the first Float day of the trip, the plan was to float down to middle camp that was some 12 river km away, with a shallow with a lake at 1/3 distance. The lake was hard work for our guide Sasha as the wind was against us and there was no current to help him.

The rafts prior to landing at the Upper Camp

We stopped at the end of the lake and fished the mouth of the river, it was here that I was broken twice and Oystein lost what may have been the biggest fish of the trip. It was unidentified and huge, that is the way fishing goes and it doesn’t count unless it is caught. When catch and release is involved the term caught is a bit rubbery, for this trip (for myself) I  defined caught was one hand on the leader and one hand under the fish, the driving thing was always to get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible. Since I was fishing barbless hooks or hooks with flattened barbs the fly often fell out as soon as the tension was off the line, either in the net or as soon as you lifted the fish.



Toasting the Catch and a day well done.


During the day we landed far more fish but they were a bit smaller, probably and average of 18-19 inch. I fished the same fly for the majority of the day, a Mr Hanky which is a mouse pattern. Fishing the mouse pattern is great fun, it is fished down stream like a Scottish wet fly but it is on the surface, you can see the fish trying to kill it, they go over the top and force it under the water while trying to crush it. In the Sedanka the Rainbows tend to jump a lot once hooked, it is a great show.

A new and a not so new Mr Hanky

I have uploaded a photo of a new and used Mr Hankey to show the damage the fish do to the fly.

Dinner was its usual hearty affair with a cheese and tomato soup and Plov, which is a local pilaf type dish.


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