Day 10, Sedanka Lower Camp to Wilderness Float Camp 1, not today either!!!

Monday, August 1

Today 0 km, Total 3697 km

Today was the originally planed transfer day, once again it was a nice day on the Sedanka but the weather on the other side of the Peninsula was dreadful and the helicopters could not find a way through the mountains that was not fogged/clouded out.

This day proceeded just like the previous day, pack, ring, hurry up and wait, unpack do some fishing……

Looking for Bears

During Breakfast some bears were spotted, but by the time got back to the cabin, put the big lens on the Camera they had wandered off. This turned out to be the last bear sighting of the trip, in some ways this was good, I have no wish to have a bear join me in my tent.

On the fishing front during the day I passed the 3000 inch mark for total length of fish landed. I fished the morning near the camp with a streamer and mouse with moderate success. In the early afternoon we took the jet boats down stream and  fished some new water.

In the afternoon I decided to fish some of the small tributaries with light gear, so I put up my 7″6′ #3 rod and went super light with a 2X tapered leader with a 10lb tippet.  It was great fun, I started fishing with a fly that Sasha gave me, it was similar to a freshwater clousers, I caught several fish including the Kundzha below, a 16 inch rainbow and the fish below with this fly, then I hooked a very large Rainbow, it put on an amazing areal display for me. After about 5 min I decided that my gear was too light and I would most probably kill the fish by exhaustion if I landed it, so I handlined it in and as expected it broke the line with its next effort. It was sad to lose such a large fish but to me it is preferable to have the fish live than get a trophy photo.


A nice Kundzha beside my #3 setup

I replaced the fly with a #18 adams, after about 3 casts I hit a large fish that stayed on for about 10 seconds, this was followed by a series of takes but none of them stayed on, I inspected the fly and all seemed OK. I continued fishing and again more takes but no hookups??? More inspection of the fly, I discovered that the shank of the hook had been broken, I suspect by the first fish. By this time it was time to head back to camp so I changed to fishing downstream and went for a Scottish wet fly, a teal blue & silver, it was deadly on the resident arctic char. It wasn’t the most out there fly to catch fish during the trip, that honour probably goes to Brian with his bird fly, he landed 5 fish in 10ish casts. Follow this link to find out more Bird Fly.

What is this fish??

Although I don’t often catch the most fish out of a group of fishers, I often catch the weirdest or unexpected fish, this trip was no different. I landed (and managed to photograph) the above fish, there was much debate as to what it was. Its colouring is very Kundzhaesque but its, shape was a bit wrong and its markings are very different. I have no doubt that it is some sort of Char, but the exact species remains a mystery to me.

View of the cloud over the mountain range.


Lower Camp

Dinner, a hearty stew.

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