Day 12, Wilderness Camp 2, new river new species of salmon

Wednesday, 3 August

Today 8 km, Total 3730 km


Breakfast consisted of porridge and sausage!! Generally I don’t particularly like porridge but this was different, it had all sorts of dried fruit and bits of goodness in it, it seemed rather complicated for camp cooking, I later discovered it was just an oat based muesli that had been boiled with milk and water, simple!!!.

The Turushever was different in characteristic to the Sedanka, it had more narrow sections with deep slow pools and less riffley sections. The first morning was slow as we readjusted our fishing technique, generally we were catching Kundzha from the shadows under the bank.  However we were still catching our share of nice rainbows

Oystein with another nice Rainbow, after a week he still couldn’t keep the smile off his face

In the afternoon the fishing picked up and we were getting fish form both banks and mid stream, I was fishing the sunny bank as I had fished the shade in the morning and had the better of the fishing.  Mid afternoon I hooked and landed a Cherry Salmon, a fresh run female of about  20 inches, I was fishing alone (say 50m from Oystein and the guide) so I attempted to hold the fish in one hand, rod between my knees and camera in the other hand,  a sure recipe for disaster. And of course the fish made a dash for freedom as I was fiddling with the camera, the fish went one way and shook the hook out, the rod went another and the camera ended up in the river. There was no real problem the rod and camera were undamaged but I had no photo of the fish :-(.


Marking the extent of the poisoning on my arm and two swollen hands

I may have sounding like the trip was all beer and skittles (or vodka and fishing) but there were some things that were uncomfortable, one was the biting insects, I used a substantial amount of DEET but never the less I (and everyone else) had many bites, some of these bites did not agree with me, my left hand swelled up like a football and there was red swelling moving up my arm.   I assume that it was from the insect bites but it could have been anything.  The general consensus round camp was that it was most likely an allergic reaction to one of the bites, and I needed an anti histamine, benadryl were magically found (thank you Tom). So I had dinner, benadryl and a shot of vodka and disappeared into the world of nod for over 9 hours, it was still light when I went to bed and everyone else was still up.

The sleep was good for me, but the next morning the swelling was similar and the redness had not spread further up my arm. It was not particularly uncomfortable and since it was not getting worse I figured that there was no real problem. There wasn’t, it took three days for the worst of the swelling to go and over a week for it to be back to normal.


Turushever Camp 2


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