Day 13, Wilderness Camp 3

Thursday, 4 August

Today 9 km, Total 3739 km


Early morning Cuppa at Turushever Camp 2 prior to departure

By now we were settling into a routine, get up, have a coffee, ablute, check gear, pack, start to disassemble camp, breakfast, complete packing and load rafts, head off and fish.

Crepes and Jam for Breakfast

Food today was crepes and jam for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch on the river and soup and stew for dinner. One thing that worked very well in camp was the squeezy packs (as per the photo above) that many things came in, this included jam, mustard, mayo, sweetened condensed milk, and so on. We just had to be a little careful as they only had russian writing on them and they all appeared in the middle of the table together, a mustard crepe was interesting!!!

At all the meals there was a pile of snacks for us to put in our pockets for the days fishing.  During the first week Gene who was in his late 60’s often repeated the lines from, the bucket list “never trust a fart, never waste an erection…….” then he added “never leave a Snickers behind, you never know when you will need food”. So all of us got in the habit of grabbing a Snickers as we finished a meal. When I got home and was unpacking and sorting out my gear I must have found a dozen Snickers in various states of mangledness in all sorts of places.

According to my catch record today was the slowest days fishing of the entire trip for me, still I managed to catch a 23 inch rainbow and several nice fish and lost a very large rainbow. Also I also caught the smallest fish of the trip an 8 inch salmon smolt.

Eagles Nest

During this part of the trip we were starting to get to know the guides they all had interesting and diverse backgrounds, the cook, Tatiana is half Russian half Korean from Sakhalin island, and the  camp hand Pablo is one of the local indigenous people. One of the great pleasures of the trip was sitting round the camp fire in the evenings hearing from these people and about their lives.

A natural tinny cooler

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