Day 14, Wilderness Camp 4

Friday, 5 August

Today 11 km, Total 3750 km

Morning in camp 3 prior to departure

Today the fishing picked up and I caught many nice dolly vardon and rainbow trout, for the first time on the trip rainbows were no the most numerous fish caught. There are some very big predator fish in this river system, I caught a 20 inch ish dolly with two sets of matching teeth marks about half way up it, the teeth that made the marks were small, my guess would be that they were made by a huge rainbow, who knows, it was just something big.

Me with another nice Dolly


Lunch on the River, when bread gets a bit stale, soak it in egg and fry it, all yummy.


What fish is this???

In the afternoon, I caught yet another odd fish, we thought that it was a “Jack” or early returning salmon of some sort, the dots and bars were more like a Coho salmon, but they should not have been in the river at that time of year. No positive identification was made.

What liquid? Beer, Vodka or Soup? (all 3 perhaps)


Guides planning the next day



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