Day 15, Wilderness Camp 5, completed the Salmon Slam

Saturday, 6 August

Today 11 km, Total 3761 km


Camp 5, was well hidden on a small island

Catching another nice Rainbow just down stream from camp 5

A Pink Salmon, the female humpback salmon

During the afternoon I completed my slam of Salmon in the river, I landed (and photographed this time) a Pink Salmon which is the female  humpback salmon. It was fresh run and large for a humpback, it would have been nearing the 3kg mark.

Although we saw no bears on the Turusheva we were constantly reminded of their presence, the trampled grass, fresh paw prints, the guides guns and the dogs suddenly barking in the middle of the night. Although it would have been sad to see a bear shot the dogs I was glad that we had the dogs and experienced guides.

Borscht, of some sort, the longer we were from supplies the more creative the meals were.

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