Day 16, Wilderness Camp 6, last day on the river and a birthday party

Sunday, August 7

Today 21 km, Total 3782 km

Early Morning Camp 5

Our last day floating the river, we had longer than usual to go as we were a day short on the float as we had an extra day in the lower Sedanka Camp due to the weather and the helicopter not being able to pick us up.

Making our way down river and clearing fallen trees to allow us to continue

It was a glorious sunny day, and the fishing was solid but not spectacular, but I still managed a 24 inch rainbow.  After lunch we reached the junction with the Sedanka, here we wer about 10km below the lower Sedanka camp and the river was wider and faster but still full of fish.

impromptu washing line

Bu the time we made it to camp I was ready to have a break from fishing, and wanted to get myself clean and into a clean and dry set of cloths. Since the camp ground was chosen as a place that the helicopter could pick us up from there were no trees close to it, so nowhere to set up a shower. Therefore getting clean involved a swim in the river, it was cold…. it took my breath away, but I managed to wash properly with soap so I was no longer smelly, it was my first proper wash in 4 days, Oh I felt so much better. Once dry, with dry and clean set of cloths I was a whole new man.  I was thankful that everyone else in the camp also took the opportunity to get clean.

Fishing finished, relaxing by the river

Once the day was done we relaxed with the last couple of beers beside the river.

Dinner Spud & Fried Pork

Dinner its self was OK, tasted good but there wasn’t much to it, Spud and Fried pork. The reason was soon apparent.  As soon as dinner was over  Tatiana arrived with a cake, WTF we had been six days on the river and there was a cake with candles. So it was cake, shots of vodka and shots, we sang happy birthday then the guides gave Brian a happy birthday salvo. The guides had 20g shotguns, they were loaded with flares, so the camp was lit up with the green and purple glow of the flares.

A no bake birthday cake and Bryan with his birthday mug

Playing with cameras and some late night snacks

After dinner we gathered round the camp fire, relaxed, swapped stories, dank all the remaining vodka in camp, not that there was all that much of it to start with. As the night progressed the photographers started to  play and we took some very interesting photographs that light painting and similar techniques were used.  Then it was sleep.



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