Day 18 & 19, Petropavlovsk to Vladivostok to Home

Tuesday, August 9

13:55 Petropavlovsk Kam (PKC) 15:20 VVO Vladivostok, Flight SU-5615, ‪SAT Airlines

Today 2211 km, Total 6514 km

Wednesday, August 10

11:00 VVO  Vladivostok, 12:10 Incheon  (ICN) Seoul, Flight SU-5436, ‪SAT Airlines

Today 880 km, Total 7394 km

I have combined these days together as there was nothing particularly eventful about the trip. In the morning I was picked up by Anatole and I said my final good bys to the guys and I was on my way.  It was a bit sad to say good by as it was the last of the fishing party that I had spent two weeks in close proximity and we all of had become good friends.  As described in an earlier post the Petropavlovsk Kamcatksi (PKC) airport is small and with the help of Anatole it was easy to navigate.  I stayed at the same hotel in Vladivostok, it was a sunny day when I arrived and I knew where I was going so getting there and checking in held no worry or surprises.

The entrance to the hotel

After a stroll round Atrem I returned to the hotel for dinner, which was the usual hearty Russian fare, I started with Beer, Bread and a salted salmon salad in a cheese basket, and finished with meat dumplings. The salted salmon salad was especially good.

Beer, Bread and a salted salmon salad in a cheese basket


Dumplings, always a winner

The final leg of the trip was the short flight from Vladivostok to Seoul. I stocked up on Vodka, Smoked Salmon and Salmon Caviar at Vladivostok airport, this was for consumption with some friends once my Family had returned form Australia. It went down a treat. The Salmon Caviar was about $25 for a 500g tub, I bought both Sockeye and Humpback salmon Caviar. To my taste the Sockeye Caviar was the better of the two but they were both very good and exceptional value for money.

After landing in Seoul Incheon airport I took the express bus from Incheon to Ganagnam and then dragged my luggage the last 250 to my apartment, I was bone tired but I was HOME!!!!! 🙂 but work the next day 😦

Next Stats and thoughts and impressions of the trip.



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