Time to move on

After almost 4 years it is time to leave Seoul and Korea, I have had a fantastic time living here and shall be sad to leave. Living in Korea is a life of extremes, the good is very good and the bad is downright awful, and the rest is just weird. Why would you make a toasted ham and cheese sandwich do you then go and smear honey on one side???

There were three events that had a major impact on Korea that occurred while I was living there. It is possible that one of more of them will change the very fabric of the country. These events were, the sinking of the Sewol ferry where 295 passengers and 2 rescue divers died, the murder of a young woman by a deranged cook in downtown Gangnam and the Impeachment of President Park.  Two of them were very close to me, I walked passed the nightclub that the woman was murdered at every day and the instant shrine was at Gangnam Station Exit 10 which I also walked passed every day, it was impossible not to be affected by the outpouring of emption over this tragic murder.

Exit10 Ganagnam
The Instant Shrine at Gangnam Station exit 10 a day after the murder. All notes of condolence.


The Impeachment of President Park was not nearly as personal for me, however twice I ended up caught up by the protests and the company I worked for was also intimately involved in the scandal. I  have no crystal ball and can’t possibly predict the changes to Korean Society that will occur because of it. However the behaviours that caused all the rage are at the heart of Korean Society.

Seoul Demonstartion 2017
Protests demanding the imprisonment of President Park.


My plan is to take a break and spend some time in the USA with my family, skiing, fishing and generally exploring the country. Because I am a mean and evil person and my children are going to be out of school for 3 months I will be forcing them both to write a travel blog. The plan is that they experience the real world application of maths and understand some of the history and geography of the country that they are traveling through. The two blogs are called Evie the Explorer and Toad on the Road. They are children’s blogs for children.

My baristas hat…… She made me coffee every day, what do you say???


I am hoping that every evening I will spend an hour studying and then some time every week on this blog.   I have added a compilation of photos (mainly mis translations that were funny and lack of awareness of inappropriateness), bits and pieces from my time here (some are not mine but they are too good not to include) just enjoy the moment.

KIds Tshirt
The perfect gift for a 5 year old!!!!!



A series of products that need no explanation, or I have no explanation.

Beware the African Animals


Drunken Pub.jpg
The name says it all..

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