Who Am I

Of course the answer it the tubby traveler. While reading this blog you must remember if anything sounds exotic or exciting it is a mere illusion. I am a middle-aged engineer, there is nothing exciting or exotic about me!!!!!.

I call myself an Aussie and the Wallabys break my heart almost every time they play,  but in fact I am actually an Essex boy from England. Being an Essex boy is normally not a thing that one boasts about, however I get the last laugh because if I am an Essex boy my Sisters are Essex Girls!!!! 🙂

Alpine medow and trout stream Southern France

I have been lucky that my work has taken me all round the world. I currently live and work in Seoul, Seoul has been a challenge but I love it, there is not that much fishing but there is plenty of food and Soju. It was my stint in the North of Scotland that gave me my love of fly-fishing and appreciation of 10 minutes of sunshine.




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