What Car is That

There is a change coming to the automotive world, and its coming from China (and most likely India as well)

In the early 90’s the Korean cars came to Australia and the rest of the world, new brands such as  Kia, Daewoo and Hyundai arrived, we had never heard of them. They were cheap, tinny and no body thought that they would ever be serious players in the automotive market. Fast forward 25 years, Daewoo has ceased to exist but Hyundai now has the second highest selling car in Australia, and it is a good quality product.

In the early 2010’s two brands of Chinese manufactured cars arrived in Australia, Chery and Great Wall, they are both  cheap, tinny and no body really acknowledges them. That is going to change!

images courtesy of Wikipedia

During my trip recent to China I lost count of the number of different makes of car I saw, I started to try to photographically catalogue them, but I missed more makes than I got. There were some great names, King Long, what is there not to like about a car called King Long.

Just from my photo compilation there are over 17 makes of car in China. Today their quality is variable, ok to rubbish, but it won’t stay that way. It took Korea about 20 years to move from the periphery to being a major automotive player, how long China? Looking at the speed they are catching up with their electronics, my guess is that in 10 to 15 years there will be 3 to 5 Chinese makes of car that will occupy a major part of the world car market. Cheers to driving Chinese steel.

🙂  Land Rover are safe from the Chinese for a couple of years yet.